Locally owned and operated, Adept Driver Training is based in Maclean in the Northern Rivers (NSW) and offers quality driving lessons with a highly experienced driving instructor with 20 years of training students at both a learner and advanced driver levels.

  •      Accredited with Roads and Maritime Services (NSW),
  •      The Transport Industries Skills Centre (A.C.T).
  •      Graduate of the Close Personal Protection (VIP) training course (A.C.T), and
  •      Member of the Australian Driver Trainers Association.

In 2016 our student pass mark on the first attempt was over 89%!

Adept provides an “all encompassing approach” to learner driving that includes:

  • A very high emphasis on safety,
  • Smooth driving techniques,
  • Money savings tips (regarding both the vehicle, and the students driving skills), and
  • A brief overview of the ramifications of dangerous driving (Police, Courts, road rage and insurance


How many lessons are required for learner drivers to progress to a provisional licence is different for each student.

For students who know little about the workings of a car, Adept recommends they undertake an Introductory lesson that includes *60 minutes where they are taught about vital components of the car, and then a 30 minute drive.

* The 60 minute “in-car” tutorial teaches students the very basics of maintaining a car, including areas that require regular maintenance checks, and the layout/operation of the passenger cabin.

After the lesson, the student is provided feedback on their driving skills, and parents/guardians are emailed a detailed lesson report outlining the students underlying skills, and areas they should concentrate on when they drive with the student.

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) has information for students and parents when selecting a driving school. Click here to be directed to their webpage. Alternatively, a copy of the questions (and answers) can be found on our FAQ page.

A detailed lesson report of all training is provided to the student and/or parent within 24 hours of the lesson and includes information on what the student should concentrate on prior to the next lesson.

There is no-one I cannot teach to pass the driving test!

Please contact me for further information or to make a booking. Your call, SMS or email will be replied to within two hours.


The following is a complete list of suburbs we service:

  • Angourie
  • Ashby
  • Brushgrove
  • Chatsworth
  • Cowper
  • Evans Head
  • Grafton
  • Harwood
  • Iluka
  • Lawrence
  • Maclean
  • Palmers Island
  • Ulmarra
  • Wombah
  • Woodburn
  • Yamba